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Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Aunt Marcy welcomes Flat Stanley

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Flat Stanley  traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit Cirdan’s Aunt Marcy.  While there, he met Aunt Marcy’s young friends Dorothea and Carmela.  They helped her take him on a tour of Bay View, a part of Milwaukee south of the downtown.  They went to the local co-op, a favorite coffee shop, and to two parks, one of which overlooks Lake Michigan.  Another day, she took him on a walking tour of downtown Milwaukee, where they saw the Fonz, City Hall, the Milwaukee Rep, Usinger’s Famous Sausage, the Wisconsin Cheese Mart, the Milwaukee River, and more.  To wrap up his visit, she took him to a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game, to a play at the Rep, and to brunch with Cirdan’s grandparents, Wade and Sherry Kearns.

Upon Flat Stanley’s arrival, Cirdan’s Aunt Marcy and her friends Dorothea and Carmela gave him a tour of Bay View, a part of town south of downtown Milwaukee.  We love to shop local and had to run some errands, so he came along.  Here’s Outpost, the local co-op!

Thea and Mel check out local product listings at Outpost.  It’s after the end of the school day, so Dorothea’s a bit sleepy.  Tour Guide Mel helps us out.

Stanley bought coffee at Anodyne, a Bay View coffee roastery and cafe. Wonder if Stanley likes strong coffee?

Mel and Thea showed Flat Stanley South Shore Park, from which we could see the Milwaukee skyline and Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes!  Milwaukee is right on its shore.  This park has a great farmer’s market in the summertime.

Mel and Thea took Stanley to their “office,” a copse of trees in Humboldt Park near their house.  All of the Milwaukee County Parks were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park in New York City!

Marcy took Mel and Thea to their house.  Flat Stanley made sure to wear his seatbelt.

Carmela and Dorothea showed Stanley their backyard raised bed garden.  This summer, they will grow a ton of vegetables!

Aunt Marcy took Flat Stanley to see more sights around Milwaukee.  First we walked around Bay View and its colorful streets and shops.

We went to another spot on the shoreline, right on South Lake Drive, from which we could get a better glimpse of the Milwaukee skyline!

Marcy took Flat Stanley to see a very silly house in Cudahy, another town just south of Bay View.  The owners have dressed it up with so much yard art that people stop along the road all the time to take pictures.  She used to live a few houses away.  Looks like a fun place to visit!

Marcy took Stanley on a walking tour of downtown Milwaukee.  First, we stopped by Wells Street to see the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, where Marcy sometimes works, and City Hall.

On the Riverwalk, Flat Stanley met the Fonz!  A few years ago this famous TV character from “Happy Days,” which was inspired by folks living around Milwaukee, got his own statue in bronze.  Hence… it’s the Bronze Fonz.   “Aaaaeeeyyy!”

Milwaukee is famous for breweries, sausage, and cheese… as is a lot of Wisconsin.  Marcy took Stanley to Old World Third Street to see Usinger’s Famous Sausage, which has been open since 1880, and the Wisconsin Cheese Mart.

At Wisconsin Cheese Mart not only do they have delicious cheese but also awesome hats.  Do you like it?

Flat Stanley went with Marcy and other friends to see a Milwaukee Admirals hockey game!  Go Admirals!

When the crowd needed to be revved up, they all cheered and rang cowbells!

Brunch, however, with Babcia and Papa was the best!  Before Flat Stanley left, he had breakfast with Aunt Marcy and Cirdan’s Babcia and Papa.

Yummy organic strawberries and Milwaukee’s first spring flowers!  Thank you Marcy for an excellent adventure and a truly fun time!

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  1.    Robin — April 10, 2012 @ 2:30 pm   Reply

    Marcy, you are such a gracious hostess! Thank you so much for showing Flat Stanley around Milwaukee! It looks like he had a fantastic time seeing all those fun, interesting sites. Was that hat made of cheese?! Milwaukee is pretty cool. I’ll bet he had a blast hanging out with those cool kids, Mel and Thea. Thanks to them, too! We’re happy to see he was able to meet Cirdan’s wonderful grandparents, Babcia and Papa. By the way, “Babcia” is pronounced BOP-sha, and it is Polish for grandmother. “Papa” is North Carolinian for grandad — at least, in our family!

    Great blog section, Karin Gravina! Thanks for all your hard work.

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